Undergraduate Programs


*- Individualized degree

A.A.- Associate of Arts 
A.S.- Associate of Science 
B.A.- Bachelor of Arts
B.B.A. - Bachelor of Business Administration
B.S.- Bachelor of Science 
B.S.N.- Bachelor of Science in Nursing
B.P.S.- Bachelor of Professional Studies

Combined Undergraduate to Graduate Degree Pathways

Empire State University offers combined undergraduate and graduate degree pathways to highly qualified, current SUNY Empire undergraduate students who wish to continue to a master’s degree. These pathways may accelerate a student’s time to degree completion and reduce the cost of completing a master’s degree.

Micro Credentials

Micro Credentials, as defined by the State University of New York, "verify, validate and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved; are endorsed by the issuing institution; having been developed through established faculty governance processes, and are designed to be meaningful and high quality."

Empire State University offers the following undergraduate micro credentials: