Student Activities

Alumni Student Association

There are over 95,000 SUNY Empire alumni worldwide representing all 50 states and 96 countries. Through the Alumni Association, former students can stay connected to the university and fellow graduates. Our alumni attend social, networking, and educational events, share their stories in university publications, join online groups, and volunteer at commencement ceremonies and recruitment events. Many alumni participate in career fairs and mentoring activities and provide philanthropic support to the university and its programs.   

The Alumni Student Federation Board of Governors oversees the Alumni Association. The Federation Board serves as a liaison with the university, acts as an advocate for students and alumni, and provides programs to engage alumni and advance the university and its mission. The board is made up of alumni from different locations and programs and includes an international representative. In addition, the student representative from the College Council and the president of the Student Government Association are both standing members of the board. 

If you are interested in learning about more ways to stay connected, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 518-587-2100, ext. 2344.

Student Activity Fee Committee

The Student Activity Fee Committee is made up of students representing various organizations, schools, and programs of the university. The committee convenes annually to review all student activity fee dollars proposals and decide the allocations. The Office of Student Engagement oversees the committee.

Student Governance Association

The mission of the SUNY Empire Student Governance Association (SGA) is to ensure that the student experience at SUNY Empire is excellent. The Student Senate is the legislative body of the SUNY Empire Student Government, comprised of students elected to represent their school of study and the student body at large. As student leaders and advocates, they are tasked with making decisions about important topics that directly impact students.

The SUNY Empire Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board consists of the SGA president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.  In addition, the SGA Executive Board has also established office hours to serve students better and answer their questions.

More information about SGA and how students can participate, along with links to the SGA Executive Board office hours, can be found on the SGA website. 

Student Representation in University Governance

The SGA President is a member of the University Senate. Additionally, students may be added to Senate standing committees.  A student must be enrolled during the term of service. 

SUNY Student Assembly

Each SUNY campus has elected student representatives to the SUNY Student Assembly. This governance body represents the interests of SUNY students statewide. Per the current bylaws, the Student Government Association selects the Empire State University student representative to the SUNY Student Assembly.

Student Awards

Each year the Office of Student Engagement oversees the application and nomination process for the Chancellor’s Awards, the Bluebird Award, and others as needed. Information on these awards can be found on the Awards and Fellowship website.

Graduation and Commencement

The university holds annual commencement activities across the state where all who have completed their degree requirements during that year are honored. Check the commencement website for more details. Empire State University takes great pride in its graduates and their accomplishments. Our staff dedicates themselves to ensuring that our ceremonies are memorable occasions for our graduates and their families. The ceremony is a formal event with speakers, regalia, and an academic procession and is a wonderful opportunity for our students to celebrate earning their degrees.


The University Council:

  1. Provides advice to the president and administration.
  2. Represents the State of New York and its taxpayers in affirming that the university is fulfilling its public mission.
  3. Receives information about university programs, budgets, enrollments, facilities, and student learning.

One member of the College Council is an Empire State University student recommended by faculty and staff and serves on a rotating basis.

Student Conference

The Student Conference brings together students from all geographic and academic areas of the university to focus on personal and professional development. The conference seeks to provide an arena for developing the professional and leadership skills needed to advance in one’s chosen field.  The student activity fee funds this event.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Empire State University recognizes that co-curricular activities greatly enhance students' academic experience. To that end, we have a growing group of clubs and organizations at the university open to all students; you can find a listing of these on the Student Clubs website. Current clubs promote academic, social, and cultural activities for students throughout the university.

Students are encouraged to join existing clubs or explore the creation of a new club. Please contact the Office of Student Engagement with questions at 518-587-2100, ext. 2255. Below are the recognition policies that give you an overview of starting a new club. For more information about student clubs, including a current list of active clubs, please visit the Student Clubs web page and review the university's Student Clubs and Organizations Procedures.