Business Administration: B.S.

Program Details

MGMT 1005Principles of Management4
or BUSN 1015 Introduction to Business
MRKT 1005Marketing Principles4
or MRKT 3045 Marketing Management
BUSN 2010Business Statistics4
FSMA 3010Corporate Finance4
ACCT 2005
ACCT 2010
Introductory Accounting I: Financial Accounting
and Introductory Accounting II: Managerial Accounting
or ACCT 1005 Accounting for Decision Makers
ECON 2015
ECON 2020
and Microeconomics
or ECON 2010 Introductory Economics: Micro & Macro 6 Cr.
BUSN 3010Business Ethics4
BUSN 1010Business Law I4
or BUSN 3080 Legal Issues in Business Environments
BUSN 3122Management Information Systems4
MGMT 3060Organizational Behavior4
BUSN 4030International Business4
MGMT 4035Strategic Management4
Total Credits52-56

Learning Outcomes

  • Foundation 1: Managerial and Marketing Skills; Students will be able to identify and apply fundamental concepts and skills of management and marketing to successfully function in an organizational environment.
  • Foundation 2: Quantitative, Financial, and Analytical Skills; Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of quantitative, financial, accounting, and analytical tools and apply these tools to solve problems in the business environment.
  • Foundation 3: Economics; Students will be able to solve economic problems using appropriate economic principles and concepts and analytical models.
  • Foundation 4: Legal, Ethical, and Social Responsibility; Students will be able to examine, explain, and apply moral theories, ethical standards, and social and legal responsibilities in the business environment.
  • Foundation 5: Information Management; Students will be able to use information technology tools and systems to collect, manage, and analyze data for decision making relevant to the business environment.
  • Foundation 6: Understanding People in an Organizational Context; Students will be able to examine and reflect on organizational culture and apply the concepts that explain how individuals and groups behave in the organization.
  • Foundation 7: Understanding Global Business Environment; Students will be able to analyze the impact and differentiation of sociocultural, demographic, economic, political/legal, technological and environmental factors on success in international operations.
  • Foundation 8: Students will be able to apply methodology, tools, and problem-solving skills to integrate their business knowledge while solving problems affecting both the internal and external environments.