Digital Media Arts: B.A., B.S.

Lower Level Core Courses
ARTS 1140Media and Visual Literacy4
ARTS 1065Introduction to Drawing4
ARTS 2035Diversity in the United States Arts4
COMM 2010Writing for Digital Media4
DIGA 1010Digital Art & Design: Introductory4
INFT 1005Introduction to Web Publishing4
or PHOT 2010 The Photographic Vision
Advanced Level Core Courses
ARTS 3025Advanced Drawing4
or ARTS 3135 Illustration
DIGA 3035Digital Art & Design: Advanced4
DIGA 3036Ethics of Digital Art & Design4
DIGA 3040Digital Storytelling4
DIGA 3050Information Design4
DIGA 3065Digital Media Arts4
DIGA 4015History & Theory of New Media4
DIGA 4999Capstone in Digital Media Arts4
Two Advanced Level Electives8
Total Credits64

Students will be asked to complete two additional advanced level courses chosen from the list below in consultation with a faculty mentor. 

ARTS 3035Advanced Graphic Design4
ARTS 3075Arts Management4
DIGA 3015Advanced Digital Photography4
DIGA 3025Advanced Web Design4
DIGA 3045Game Design & Development4
DIGA 3080Digital Painting4

Students completing a Digital Media Arts degree will be able to:

  • Analyze the artistic theory of digital media in relation to art practice.
  • Discuss the historical, cultural, political, and societal contexts for digital media arts.
  • Apply the ethical considerations of digital media arts.
  • Evaluate digital media content for authenticity and reliability.
  • Describe the artistic practice of digital media art and artists.
  • Design with an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Produce individual and collaborative digital media art and design projects.