Business and Environmental Sustainability: Certificate

Program Details

The courses must be taken sequentially beginning with an introductory course and culminating with the capstone course. The capstone, Managing Sustainable Organizations, provides an opportunity to synthesize and integrate all that you have learned.

ENSC 2000Principles of Environmental Sustainability4
ECON 3020Ecological Economics4
BUSN 3010Business Ethics4
MGMT 3040Managing Sustainable Organizations4
Total Credits16

Learning Outcomes

The certificate serves individuals interested in expanding their expertise so that they may lead environmental sustainability efforts in their organizations. Students who earn the certificate will be equipped to make reasoned and ethical decisions in complex and conflicting situations in which stakeholder values may compete with green initiatives. The certificate provides career related enhancement for students established in their careers or who already have an associate degree and are ready for upper division courses. 

Students will demonstrate the following learning outcomes upon completion of this certificate:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in the history of the environmental sustainability movement including what the movement is and why it is important. 
  • Understand and apply the Triple E Models of Sustainability: Economics, Environment, and Equity.
  • Acquire ethical knowledge and a framework in theories that assist in equipping ethical, moral, and legal considerations. 
  • Synthesize management, marketing, ethical, legal, and qualitative knowledge to enable effective decision-making. 
  • Interpret the difference between stakeholders and shareholders and consider the differences within the student's place of employment. 
  • Display familiarity with organizations and key players in the sustainability movement such as the UN Millennium goals.
  • Articulate a business case for environmental sustainability within the student's place of employment.
  • Make recommendations and/or decisions about products and services with the goal of maintaining and/or incorporating sustainability. 
  • Understand the role business plays in the environment as opposed to the role environment plays in business and the difference between these two functions.