University Calendar

Each year, the university offers the following three terms: fall, spring and summer.

Term Term Length
Fall (usually begins in early September) 15 weeks
Spring (usually begins in late January) 15 weeks
Summer (usually begins in early May) 15 weeks

For the 2023-2024 academic year, there are also two overlapping eight-week Express Terms each fall, spring, and summer. 

International Education schedules its terms based on the calendars of the host institutions and will provide information to students as it becomes available.

There are three periods in which faculty are unavailable to students, one typically immediately after the fall term, one after the spring term, and the last usually just preceding fall term. Students who require assistance during that time should contact 1Stop Student Services.

2023-2024 Academic Calendar

The university’s three-term academic year provides time well in advance of the start of the term for students to work with their mentors and plan the upcoming term. During the advising and registration period, students and mentors schedule time to discuss their educational goals and the available learning opportunities, to design individualized studies and to secure the learning resources for each course. For more information, please see Getting Started and Registration. Please note that the financial aid calendar starts with the summer term.

Term Admissions Deadline Registration Period Add/Drop Begins1 Add/Drop Ends2 Start End Grades Due
Fall 2023 Aug. 1 Apr. 11 to Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 11 Sept. 5 Dec. 15 Dec. 22
Fall 2023, Express Term One Aug. 1 Apr. 11 to Sept. 4 Sept. 5 Sept. 11 Sept. 5 Oct. 27 Nov. 3
Fall 2023, Express Term Two Sept. 28 Apr. 11 to Oct. 22 Oct. 23 Oct. 29 Oct. 23 Dec. 15 Dec. 22
Spring 2024 Dec. 8 Oct. 3 to Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 22 Jan. 16 Apr. 26 May 3
Spring 2024, Express Term One Dec. 8 Oct. 3 to Jan. 15 Jan. 16 Jan. 22 Jan. 16 Mar. 8 Mar. 15
Spring 2024, Express Term Two Feb. 2 Oct. 3 to Mar. 3 Mar. 4 Mar. 10 Mar. 4 Apr. 26 May. 3
Summer 2024 Apr. 12 Feb. 6 to May 12 May 13 May 19 May 13 Aug. 23 Aug. 30
Summer 2024, Express Term One Apr. 12 Feb. 6 to May 12 May 13 May 19 May 13 July 5 July 12
Summer 2024, Express Term Two May 17 Feb. 6 to June 16 June 17 June 23 June 17 Aug. 9 Aug. 16

There is an additional fee for late registration. Late registration is possible only if space is available.


Any courses added after the add/drop period will be subject to a late add fee in addition to the late registration fee.

Faculty No Appointment Periods and Holidays

The dates below list the days that the university is closed and faculty no appointment periods. During faculty no appointment periods, faculty do not schedule appointments with students.

Date Description
July 17 - August 11 Faculty no appointment period
Sept. 4 State holiday (Labor Day)
Oct. 9 State holiday (Indigenous Peoples Day observed)
Nov. 23 State holiday (Thanksgiving)
Dec. 18 - Dec. 29 Faculty no appointment period
Dec. 25 State holiday (Christmas Day)
Jan. 1 State holiday (New Year's Day)
Jan. 15 State holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
Feb. 12 State holiday (Lincoln's Birthday observed)
Feb. 19 State holiday (President's Day)
April 29 - May 3 Faculty no appointment period
May 27 State holiday (Memorial Day observed)

Program Calendars for 2023-2024

International Education

In addition to the university’s three-term academic calendar, International Education have their own term schedules. Please contact for term dates and other information about our programs at these locations. 

  • Tirana, Albania 
  • Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 
  • Athens, Greece 
  • Thessaloniki, Greece 
  • Beirut, Lebanon 
  • Eskişehir, Turkey

The Harry Van Arsdale, Jr. School of Labor Studies

The HVASLS term start and end dates vary by sponsor. For exact dates, please contact the HVASLS student services coordinator, Nedelka McLean, at 518-587-2100, ext. 1478 or