Crisis Prevention and Intervention: Certificate

Program Details

The Certificate in Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CCPI) includes the following required courses. 

Since this is a certificate, the sequencing is critical.  Students need to take Crisis Intervention: Theory and Practice first, and Crisis Intervention: Skills and Models second.  Students can then take the elective followed by Secondary Trauma in Human Service Workers and Bereavement Counseling.

HUSV 2020Crisis Intervention: Theory & Practice4
HUSV 3022Crisis Intervention II: Counseling Skills and Models4
HUSV 4045Secondary Trauma in Human Service Workers4
HUSV 4005Bereavement Counseling4
HUSV 3142Disaster Mental Health Theory & Practice4
or HUSV 3122 Conflict Management & Resolution in Human Services
or CHFS 3065 Supporting Active Military Veterans & their Families
Total Credits20

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate program, students will be able to demonstrate an enhanced understanding of:

  • Crisis Behavior Theory: The student will be able to analyze crisis related behavior within the context of various social, developmental, global, economic, political, biological, and/or environmental systems.
  • Service Delivery Skills in Crisis: The student will be able to acquire skills in crisis assessment, intervention and evaluation with individuals, families, groups and/or communities.
  • Diversity Values: The student will be able to integrate an understanding, respect for and commitment to autonomy, confidentiality, self-determination and the basic rights of individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds in crisis intervention.