Community and Economic Development, Combined Degree Pathways


Please Note: As of Fall 2024, SUNY Empire is no longer accepting applications to these combined pathways.

Admission into the combined programs is highly selective. To be considered for admission into a combined pathway, applicants must complete an undergraduate application and meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 3.2 GPA (recalculation of up to the last 60 credits earned); and
  • Transferring no more than 92 credits at the time of application.

In addition to the above, to be offered official admission1 candidates must have completed 60 or more undergraduate credits.

Please see the Undergraduate Admission page for a complete listing of materials required to complete an undergraduate application.


Candidates who have less than 60 undergraduate credits can be accepted conditionally. To become officially admitted, conditional admits must maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA until they have 60 credits. Candidates who do not meet the requirements will be dismissed from the combined pathway and allowed to complete the bachelor's portion.


Please Note: As of Fall 2024, SUNY Empire is no longer accepting applications to these combined pathways.

The combined degree pathway requires 142 credits total, of which 30 are master’s credits leading to the M.A. in Community and Economic Development. Students must meet all college, AOS and relevant concentration guidelines.

In the combined degree pathway, the student may use up to 12 graduate credits (specified below under “Combined Pathway Courses”) to complete the 124 credits required for the undergraduate degree. This degree must meet all requirements established by the university, as well as the student’s area of study. Once the undergraduate degree has been awarded, the student may begin the remaining 18 credits required for the graduate M.A. in Community and Economic Development degree. The combined degree, culminating in the completion of the master’s degree, requires a total of 142 credits. Students must meet master’s expectations for academic progress and grade point average in their master’s level courses to remain in the combined program.

Combined Pathway Courses

These four graduate courses (12 credits) may be taken as an undergraduate student. The remaining six graduate courses (18 credits) would be taken once matriculated as a graduate student. See the MA in Community and Economic Development program page of this catalog for the remaining graduate course list.

PPOL 6007Policy Process3
PPOL 6030Public Policy Analysis3
CAED 6010Principles of Community & Economic Development3
CAED 6040Stakeholder-Sensitive Business Models3
Total Credits12