BS Accounting - MBA Business Management Combined Degree CPA-150 Qualifying Program


Admission into the combined program is highly selective. Matriculated undergraduate students may apply to the combined program and will complete all application requirements for the master’s degree program. The admission application process includes a review of all coursework completed and a minimum recalculated GPA of 3.2 (most recent 60 credits earned), one recommendation, and one application essay.


Please see the Graduate Admission section of this catalog for a complete listing of materials required to complete a graduate application.


The combined program requires 152 total credits of which 36 are master's credits leading to the MBA in Business Management. Students complete up to 9 credits of graduate coursework as undergraduate students that count toward both degrees. Students must meet all college, Area of Study (AOS) and relevant concentration guidelines. Once the undergraduate degree has been awarded, the student may begin the remaining 27 credits required for the MBA. Students must meet master’s expectations for academic progress and grade point average in their master’s level courses to remain in the combined program. 

Combined Program Courses

Combined program students may choose the management or international business track of the MBA program. The graduate courses taken during undergraduate study will depend on the track chosen and are listed below.

Management Track
MGMT 6016Financial Management3
MGMT 6020Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 6025Strategic Perspectives of Global Management3
OR International Business Track
MGMT 6020Leadership & Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 6025Strategic Perspectives of Global Management3
MGMT 6075International Financial Management3

The remaining courses (27 credits) required to complete the graduate degree, can be found on the MBA in Business Management page of this catalog, under the Program Requirements tab. Please note that this combined program requires the completion of the following courses which replace two of the three required electives of the stand-alone MBA program.

FSMA 6060Strategic Cost Analysis3
FSMA 6080International Accounting3

For the required courses of the undergraduate portion of the program, please visit the BS in Accounting Combined Program page of the Undergraduate Catalog.