University Leadership & Governing and Advisory Groups

University Leadership

  • President: Lisa Vollendorf
  • Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs: Rai Kathuria
  • Sr. Vice President for Administration and Finance, Chief Financial Officer: Julie Majak
  • Chief of Staff and Chief Strategist: Leigh Yannuzzi
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing: Andrea Hennessy
  • Chief Communications Officer and Public Information Officer: Cherie Haughney
  • Vice President for Advancement: Marly Norris
  • Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Integrated Technologies: Martin Gang
  • Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Xiomara Giordano 

Governing and Advisory Groups

State University of New York Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Merryl H. Tisch, Chairman
  • Cesar Perales, Vice Chairman
  • Joseph Belluck
  • Courtney Eagles Burke
  • Eric Corngold
  • Marcos Crespo
  • Robert Duffy
  • James Haddon
  • Keith Landa, President, University Faculty Senate (UFS)
  • Eunice Lewin
  • Stanley S. Litow
  • Alexander Ruiz, President, SUNY Student Assembly 
  • Edward Spiro
  • Cary Staller
  • Camille Joseph Varlack
  • Christy Woods, President, Faculty Council of Community Colleges

Empire State University Council

  • John Maggiore
  • Arlene González-Sánchez
  • Donna Luh
  • Roberta Reardon
  • Patricia Ellen Salkin
  • Naomi Campbell

Empire State University Foundation Board

  • Phillip B. Catchings
  • Dora Cervantes
  • Marian Conway
  • John J. Corrou
  • Susan Dake
  • Tina Evans
  • Christopher J. Feeley
  • David A. Fullard, Secretary
  • Scott T. Johnson
  • James G. Karcher
  • Althea Luehrsen
  • Julie Majak, Treasurer of the Foundation Board
  • David J. Mazzetti
  • Marly Norris, Executive Director, Vice President for Advancement
  • Rodney Pope
  • David Theobald
  • Ann S. Turner
  • Amy J. Vaillancourt
  • Lisa Vollendorf, President, Empire State University