Global Indigenous Knowledge: Certificate

To meet the needs of multiple communities in national and international contexts, the certificate is adaptable to diverse Indigenous peoples from around the world. Students will take the following courses:

INDG 2005Introduction to Global Indigenous Knowledge & Thought4
INDG 3010Contextualizing Indigenous Peoples: A Global Perspective (Or Contemporary Issues, Resilience, and Transformation in Indigenous Knowledge)4
INDG 3025Writing the Indigenous Knowledge PLA (Or Approved Elective)2
INDG Capstone in Global Indigenous Knowledge: Applied Learning

Electives Include

INDG 2010Introduction to Native American Studies4
HIST 2015Native American Histories & Cultures: Introduction4
INDG 3015First Peoples of North America4
INDG 3005Anishinaabe Studies: History Culture & the Environment4
INDG 3020Living History: Little Bighorn from a Cheyenne Perspective4
LITR 3080Native American Literature4
INDG 4010Native American Plants: Decolonizing Indigenous Knowledge4
INDG 4025Roots & Routes of African Diaspora Resistance4
INMS 4025Topics in Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Studies4

The Global Indigenous Knowledge certificate learning outcomes support the Empire State University mission to serve adult learners and provide them with educational skills to advance, re-tool, and expand their educational, personal, and professional futures through ability to: 

  • Articulate Global Indigenous Knowledge(s) gained from coursework in order to apply this new knowledge to develop indigenous-focused cultural competencies. 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Global Indigenous Knowledge(s), philosophies, ad world views. 
  • Synthesize Global Indigenous Knowledge in order to apply it to Indigenous- related theoretical and methodological foundations affecting the spread of said knowledge. 
  • Develop cultural awareness for professionals working with communities, organizations, or programs with Indigenous participants.