Graduate Programs

Combined Degree Pathways and Programs

The School for Graduate Studies currently offers combined degree pathways for highly qualified undergraduates of Empire State University, SUNY Canton and SUNY Cobleskill. Undergraduates may take up to four master's courses during their undergraduate study to accelerate time to degree completion.

Eligibility, admission requirements, prerequisites, combined pathway courses, and program requirements will vary by program. Not all pathways are offered to all undergraduate schools. Please refer to the footnotes.

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Offered to Empire State University undergraduates


Offered to SUNY Canton undergraduates


Offered to SUNY Cobleskill undergraduates

Advanced Certificates

The School for Graduate Studies offers 29 advanced certificates, listed below. Some of which a student may incorporate into one of their MA or MS degrees. The School also offers a post graduate certificate, or certificate of advanced study (CAS) in TESOL. The School of Nursing offers a CAS in Nursing Education.

Advanced, or graduate certificates are a post baccalaureate credential and are designed to provide focused study to support career interests. Certificates are offered online and can be completed as an individual credential or incorporated into a related master's degree for those meeting program admission requirements.

Since an advanced certificate is separate from a master’s degree, students who want to earn this credential must submit an application to the certificate program. Application information is available through the college’s web page.

Students may complete an advanced certificate by itself or combine it with a master’s degree. If a certificate is completed by itself, it is not eligible for financial aid. If the certificate is combined with a master’s degree, financial aid will cover the cost of those certificate courses that apply to the master’s degree.

It is important to note that if admitted to more than one advanced certificate, these programs must be completed sequentially.

Micro Credentials

The school is not accepting new students at this time.

Micro credentials as defined by the State University of New York, "verify, validate and attest those specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved; are endorsed by the issuing institution; having been developed through established faculty governance processes; and are designed to be meaningful and high quality".

The School for Graduate Studies at Empire State University offers the following micro credentials: