Nonprofit Management, Advanced Certificate

Students may begin this 12-credit certificate in the fall, spring or summer terms. The required courses and suggested enrollment sequence are as follows:

MGMT 6040High Performance Management3
MGMT 6105Leadership in Public & Nonprofit Organizations3
MGMT 6160Strategic Planning for Public & Nonprofit Organizations3
MGMT 7055Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations3
Total Credits12

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply a variety of leadership and management concepts to real situations
  • Assess strategic plans, their ethical issues, and their proper implementation
  • Evaluate ethical dilemmas and develop plans for managing these challenges in their own work
  • Analyze and respond to a range of external factors that impact not for profit organizations
  • Develop marketing and strategic plans in which they integrate the concepts, principles and issues companies face in the current business climate
  • Identify organizations that demonstrate corporate responsibility
  • Recognize issues and trends that nonprofit and governmental management face
  • Forecast emerging trends organizations may encounter
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an organization's vision, mission and underlying objectives and create a long-term direction for the organization