Public History, Advanced Certificate

Students may begin this 15-credit certificate in the fall, spring or summer terms. The required courses and suggested sequence are as follows:

PBHS 6040Museums and Public History: Theory & Practices3
PBHS 6105Exhibition: Planning & Interpretation3
PBHS 6215Oral History: Theory & Methods3
PBHS 6325Archival Theory & Practice3
PBHS 7005Public History Internship3
Total Credits15

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding and critical appraisal of a broad range of accounts of public history, especially through the interpretation of museums and related exhibitions in multiple presentational forms.
  • Identify and analyze different interests, the political contexts, and the economic regimes within which public history has been created over an extended period of Western society, and how the concepts of public history and heritage have spread through a globalized world.
  • Understand and apply accepted practices of creating archives, maintaining them, and making them publicly available all while considering appropriate provisions for outreach and scholarship and observing ethical and legal considerations.
  • Communicate the purposes, processes, and ethical requirements of doing oral histories and be able to design and carry out such histories with suitable documentation and evaluation of the results.
  • Appraise and understand the mission and public education strategies of museums and other entities through public exhibition.
  • Conceptualize and design new exhibits for these settings.
  • Research, propose, organize, install, maintain, and interpret an exhibition including an evaluation of the public's responses to it.