Project Management, Advanced Certificate

Students may begin this 12-credit certificate in the fall, spring or summer terms. The required courses and suggested sequence are as follows:

MGMT 6030Management Information Systems3
MGMT 6115Tools & Processes in Project Management3
MGMT 6120Managerial Perspectives of Project Management3
MGMT 7070Strategy & Tactics in Project Management3
Total Credits12

Several courses of this program require access to Microsoft Project software. Empire State University currently provides temporary licensing of this product. This software can only be accessed using a Microsoft Operating System.

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the roles and functions of the Project Manager in organizations including, but not limited to, behavior knowledge and Project Manager leadership techniques
  • Utilize project management tools and systems such as MS Office, MS Project, and Web-Based Applications specific to project management leadership
  • Create case study reviews related to core project management knowledge areas and the five process groups
  • Apply strategies and techniques of project portfolio planning and integration
  • Understand the role and function of information systems and computer business applications in project management practice
  • Identify ethical and professional challenges faced by project managers across a variety of projects and develop plans for resolving these challenges
  • Display critical thinking skills and employ effective communications within project teams and with key stakeholders
  • Articulate principles of strategical and tactical planning processes
  • Analyze and discuss the impact of integrated project management strategies to manage multiple projects