Heritage Preservation, Advanced Certificate

Students may begin this 12-credit certificate in the fall, spring or summer terms. The required courses and suggested sequence are as follows:

PBHS 6040Museums and Public History: Theory & Practices3
PBHS 6245Preservation Material & History3
PBHS 6240Preservation Policy & Law3
PBHS 7005Public History Internship3
Total Credits12

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Have awareness of cultural, technological, economic, geographic and political factors that shape the built environment; of building traditions of cultural groups and historic periods that define the Northeast and the Greater United States.
  • Understand heritage preservation terms, concepts, theoretical and methodological foundations; of legal, regulatory, and economic concepts impacting preservation; of treatment standards for historic properties; of cultural resource management business and ethical principles.
  • Conduct research using primary and secondary information resources; to survey, document, and communicate cultural artifacts, buildings, sites, districts, and cultural landscapes according to professional (Secretary of Interior) standards5; to interpret the meaning of built environments to a larger audience.