Cultural Studies - Journalism Concentration - For Students Matriculated Before Sept. 7, 2021

Feb. 1, 1993 - AOS Guidelines: Cultural Studies

Concentration: Journalism

Framework: Professional/Vocational

Concentrations in journalism are generally supported by studies in social and political science, literature, media technologies and the arts, as well as other broadly defined cultural studies. Such concentrations with a professional/vocational focus normally include studies leading to:

  • The development of competency in various forms and styles in journalism.
  • The development of skills of investigative reporting, interviewing, news gathering and journalistic research.
  • Internships or fieldwork.
  • Knowledge of the organization and development of the profession of journalism, its history and its impact on society.
  • Understanding of the procedures, rights and obligations of journalists, which includes an awareness of constitutional, legal and ethical issues.