Cultural Studies - Expository Writing Concentration - For Students Matriculated Before Sept. 1, 2013

Feb. 1, 1993 — AOS Guidelines: Cultural Studies

Concentration: Expository Writing

Framework: Disciplinary

Concentrations in expository writing generally reflect a competency-based program that enables students to become more effective writers of expository prose. It is a program of studies for students who have mastered:

  • Basic lower-division writing skills, including correct use of grammar, diction, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structures
  • Clarity, coherence and concreteness in the development of thought.

Well-developed concentrations in expository writing can be achieved through studies in:

  • Theory: rhetoric, grammar, logic, style or linguistics.
  • History: the development of the English language either through linguistic or literary studies.
  • Practice: advanced-level facility in the writing of expository prose, including some practice in professional writing and research such as technical writing, business communications, advertising copywriting or journalism.

While much of the work in the concentration should include practice in expository writing, the degree program could reflect a broad range of cultural studies in other liberal arts and sciences, including studies that will give students the opportunity to write in subject areas in the humanities and social sciences.