BUSN: Business (Undergraduate)

BUSN 1005  Business Communication  (4 Credits)  

This course will emphasize strategies for writing and editing business communications, including letters, emails, memos, short reports, and other business-related documents. It will cover principles of writing mechanics, audience orientation, and design. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills related to the writing of business documents will be utilized. Prerequisites: A previous college writing course is recommended.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 1010  Business Law I  (4 Credits)  

This course will introduce students to the basics of business law, principally focusing on contract and transactional law. Students will also be introduced to the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), commercial paper and banking law.

BUSN 1015  Introduction to Business  (4 Credits)  

This course is designed to serve generally as a first business class to be taken by students in business and related concentrations. Its main objective is to provide a brief overview of the basic concepts and principles of contemporary business topics such as business ethics, economics, e-business, management, marketing, accounting, and finance.

BUSN 1998  Individualized Studies in Business (BUSN)  (1-8 Credits)  

Students have the opportunity to develop individualized studies with their mentor in Business (BUSN). Registration for this class must be approved by the student’s mentor.

BUSN 2005  Business Law II  (4 Credits)  

This course builds on the material covered in Business Law 1 (or equivalent) as students will learn about advanced principles and concepts of business law, contract law, transactional law, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), commercial paper and banking law. Prerequisite (must complete before registering): Legal Environment Business I (BUSN 1025) or Business Law I (BUSN 1010), or equivalent

BUSN 2010  Business Statistics  (4 Credits)  

This course is designed to introduce basic statistics and its various models and applications to students majoring in business related fields. This introductory class provides statistical and mathematical knowledge to develop critical thinking skills that will allow students to recognize, describe, analyze, and solve real-world problems using statistical models and mathematical methods. Highly Recommended: College Mathematics (MATH 1000) or equivalent

Attributes: Mathematics Gen Ed, *Mathematics Gen Ed, Liberal

BUSN 2015  Computer Applications in Business Management & Economics  (4 Credits)  

This is an introductory level course that focuses on the use of information systems, technologies, applications, and system software in order to analyze and solve contemporary business, management, and economics problems.

BUSN 2175  Personal Finance Management  (4 Credits)  

This course provides an introduction to personal financial management. Some topics that may be included are: personal financial decision making, interpreting financial data, budget planning, risk management, retirement and estate planning. The basic financial concepts of time value of money, asset valuation and risk and return will be presented. Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts, techniques and theories for making effective financial decisions. Prerequisite (must complete before registering): College Mathematics (MATH_1000), or equivalent Successful completion of this course prepares the student for studies in Investing and Corporate Finance. The course satisfied quantitative skills guidelines. The course may not be considered to satisfy Finance components for accounting concentration/major/or degree program. This course was previously BME-212424 Personal Finance. Corequisites: .

BUSN 2998  Individualized Studies in Business (BUSN)  (1-8 Credits)  

Students have the opportunity to develop individualized studies with their mentor in Business (BUSN). Note: Registration for this class must be approved by the student’s mentor.

BUSN 3005  Business Enterprise in American History  (4 Credits)  

Business Enterprise in American History is an interdisciplinary course, which provides the student with an appreciation of the evolution of business enterprise from Colonial provincial trading to America's presence in the global marketplace. The course gives the student an understanding of the following: the evolution of business institutions, practices, and values over three centuries of American history; the key enterprises and individuals that marked turning points in American business history; the history of specific innovations and practices in business enterprise as solutions to the problems of growth encountered in the 19th and 20th centuries and how these solutions shaped business as we know it today; the present-day situation of business enterprise in America and the challenges presented by global competition. All of the above are placed within the context of the diversity and change of American culture and society. This course was previously BME-213034 Business Enterprise in American History.

Attributes: American History Gen Ed, *US History & Civ Engmt Gen Ed, Liberal

BUSN 3010  Business Ethics  (4 Credits)  

This study is designed to facilitate an understanding of philosophy of ethics and ethical decision-making process. The study emphasizes the overall philosophies, theories, and concepts of moral reasoning in making informed ethical decisions in various areas of business and business management. Prerequisites: BUSN 3010, MGMT 1005, or equivalent..

Attributes: Humanities Gen Ed, Liberal

BUSN 3020  Business & Sustainability  (3-4 Credits)  

This course introduces students to the major environmental challenges facing humanity in the coming decades and the implications for the business sector. The course is not aimed exclusively at business students, and students from other areas of study will have the chance to add value by contributing other perspectives. Students will study real world successful enterprises that have profited by incorporating sustainability into their business model. This course is offered for our International Education program students.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 3030  Corporate Governance  (4 Credits)  

This course will introduce the field of corporate governance, defined as the accountability of corporate managers and the formal relationships between the various stakeholders of the firm. Students will become familiar with theory relating to the nature and role of the firm in the economy, with a special focus on the modern public corporation. The central theme of the course will be the debate between the shareholder and stakeholder models of corporate governance and managerial accountability, and the implications of these standpoints on theories of ethical business practice and the proper social function of the corporation. The impact of the corporate governance model selected on the values and culture of corporations will also be examined, alongside concepts such as corporate social responsibility (CSR). Notes: The course does not assume knowledge of the material of other business courses, and is focused on broad conceptual issues and discussions of the role and purpose of the modern joint stock corporation. The course will include some of the material covered in other more general business ethics courses, but there is no significant duplication since here there is a much deeper focus on corporate governance and on the specific issues facing the financial sector. This course is offered for our International Education program students.

BUSN 3040  Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce)  (4 Credits)  

This course focuses on how conventional business practices are changing as a result of the Internet and associated information technologies. Students will explore concepts relating to conducting business online and investigate the many complex issues that have emerged. The course will include topics such as online sales and marketing, business-to-business processes, globalization, social networking, legal issues, and security. The content contributes to students’ understanding of organizations within broader contexts. Prerequisites (must complete before registering): An introductory business course, such as Introduction to Business, Management Principles, or equivalent, is recommended. Advanced-level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are required.

BUSN 3045  Entertainment Law  (4 Credits)  

The aim of this course is to introduce the students to the principles of entertainment law and its applications using case law and analysis. Highly Recommended (not required): Basic knowledge of business law. Examples of courses that could provide this foundation include: Legal Environment Business I (BUSN 1025) I or Legal Environment Business II (BUSN 2020), or Business Law I (BUSN 1010) or Business Law II (BUSN 2005), or equivalents.

BUSN 3060  Gender and Historical Perspectives on Sports and Entertainment  (4 Credits)  

This course will explore the role of men and women in contemporary times and since antiquity in the sports and entertainment industry. The economic, financial, and societal impact on the United States, western civilization, and societies across the world, currently and throughout history, will be explored. Highly Recommended (not required): At least one course in English, Western Civilization, World History, or equivalent.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 3075  Legal Environment of Business in Europe  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of government and the legal system; the nature, formation, and operation of business entities and organizations; and the European, international and local environments within which businesses operate. Students will learn to recognize legal issues, prevent legal disputes, and shape the policies of their businesses within the rule of law and ethics. Highly Recommended (not required): A previous course in Business or Management, or relevant work experience. This course is offered for our International Education program students.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 3080  Legal Issues in Business Environments  (4 Credits)  

This is an advanced level study, which examines the basic principles of the American legal system and issues in private (e.g. contracts and sales, torts, product and service liability, agency, property and business associations, among others) and public law (e.g., governmental regulations) as they relate to business and business management.  The emphasis of this study will be in developing the ability to engage in critical thinking and legal analysis. Prerequisites (must complete before registering): Advanced-level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills are required. Highly Recommended (not required): Business Law I (BUSN 1010), Legal Environment Business I (BUSN 1025), or equivalent

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 3085  Music Entrepreneurship  (4 Credits)  

This course will examine the emerging field of music entrepreneurship, what it involves, and how musicians, music industry managers, independent producers and promoters are increasingly following the entrepreneurial path to carve their niche in the music industry rather than just working as employees for the mega music corporations. Students will also learn how to operate as music entrepreneurs utilizing the varied available technological tools that they have at their disposal and which are essential in running and operating a music enterprise. Highly Recommended (not required): At least one Introductory Business course equivalent.

BUSN 3095  The Music Business  (4 Credits)  

The goal of this course is have students gain both foundational and advanced knowledge of the music industry and how the music business operates at the micro and macro levels.

BUSN 3122  Management Information Systems  (4 Credits)  

In this course, students explore the impact of advances in information technology in the context of organizational decision making and the potential of an effective management information system to contribute to organizational learning, to be a source of competitive advantage, and to assist an organization competing in a global arena. By exploring systems from a managerial and organizational perspective, students will develop the capacity to examine the interactions among people, technology, and processes and recommend solutions to complex business problems. Prerequisite (must complete before registering): Principles of Management (MGMT 1005), or equivalent. Students should have a basic understanding of computers along with a fundamental understanding of computer use in an organizational environment. In addition, students should have an understanding of basic management principles. This can be gained through a course such as Management Principles or equivalent knowledge through professional experience. This course was previously SMT-273754 Management Information Systems.

Cross-listed with MGIS 3010.

BUSN 3127  Business Analytics  (4 Credits)  

Business Analytics prepares students to make better managerial decisions using quantitative methods, tools and models. Students will develop data literacy, acquire analytical skills in building, applying and evaluating models, learn about applications of business analytics by the world’s top companies, and gain hands-on experience working with advanced Excel functions. Topics include descriptive analytics: visualize, analyze and interpret data to gain business insights; predictive analytics: make predictions about the future from historical data using regression and forecasting; risk analysis: apply Monte Carlo simulations to forecast the likelihood of uncertain outcomes; prescriptive analytics: determine optimal strategies in situations involving several decision alternatives using optimization tools; and the basics of data mining. Students will learn how to build analytics models for a variety of complex business problems, including problems in finance, marketing, human resources, production planning and project management. Prerequisites: Statistics or Calculus.

BUSN 3996  Special Topics in BUSN  (3-4 Credits)  

The content of this course will vary by term and section. Students may repeat this course for credit as long as the topic differs. Please refer to the Term Guide for course topic offerings.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 3997  Special Topics in BUSN  (3,4 Credits)  

The content of this course will vary by term and section. Students may repeat this course for credit as long as the topic differs. Please refer to the Term Guide for course topic offerings.

BUSN 3998  Individualized Studies in Business (BUSN)  (1-8 Credits)  

Students have the opportunity to develop individualized studies with their mentor in Business (BUSN). Registration for this class must be approved by the student’s mentor.

BUSN 4010  Business Policy & Strategic Management  (3-4 Credits)  

This course provides an engaging look into new and traditional strategic management in business. Through the topics in this course, students will develop an understanding of the wide range of theories and research available in the field, from competitive strategy and industry analysis to environmental trends and ethics. This is a capstone course and should be taken in the student’s final year of study, after completing most of the concentration courses. This course is offered for our International Education program students.

BUSN 4015  Comparative International Business Law  (3 Credits)  

This advanced level liberal arts course is designed for upper level undergraduate students majoring in business or related disciplines. This course will give students from many cultures and traditions a broad view of the overall structure of the legal environment for global business while providing a comprehensive look at critical legal issues and functions in international business: how businesses are governed and regulated; the main concepts underlying international business and the regulatory framework which applies to business relationships in a global context. Topics include state responsibility, dispute settlement, multinational enterprises, foreign investment, securities regulations, financing, commercial trade in goods, services and labor, intellectual property, sales and transportation. No single legal system is emphasized; both the diversity and similarities of business and of the law are explored. This course is offered for our International Education program students. Prerequisites: Business Law I (BUSN 1010), or equivalent.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 4020  Free Markets Entrepreneurship & Capitalism  (3,4 Credits)  

This course acquaints students with the role of free markets and entrepreneurship as the keystones and foundation of capitalism, which constitute the essence of the American economic system. Prerequisites (must complete before registering): Microeconomics (ECON 2020) or Macroeconomics (ECON 2015) and Introduction to Business, or Equivalents.

BUSN 4025  Global Business Strategies  (3 Credits)  

This course is concerned with the field of business policy and strategic management, as well as providing a conceptual framework for policy formulation and strategic planning. The course also looks at the development of organizational policy as it applies to finance, marketing, production, operations, and human resources within the broad areas of management and systems. A major goal of this course is for students to develop a general business and management point of view in the context of a global business environment. Students are expected to integrate their knowledge from their prior studies and work experiences into this course. This course is offered for our International Education program students. Prerequisites: Principles of Management (MGMT 1005) and Marketing Principles (MRKT 1005) and Human Resource Management (HRMS 3015) and Corporate Finance (FSMA 3010), or equivalent coursework or knowledge.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 4030  International Business  (4 Credits)  

In this course, students will acquire an advanced understanding of the theories, concepts, and practices involved in international business. Topics include: the nature and patterns of international business; economic, socio-cultural, political, legal and labor issues; the role of international organizations; the international monetary system; theories of trade, investment and economic development; operational and strategic management issues related to business with foreign nations; and the significance of international trade agreements. This is an upper-level course requiring advanced level writing, analytical, and research skills. To fully benefit from the course students should take it in the final half of their degree program. Highly Recommended: Macroeconomics (ECON 2015) Prerequisites: Principles of Management (MGMT 1005) or Introduction to Business (BUSN 1015), or equivalent.

BUSN 4035  International Business Law  (4 Credits)  

This course introduces students to the major principles and legal concepts associated with international business law as well as its application in the international business arena via the case study and related methodologies. Prerequisite (must complete before registering): Business Law I (BUSN 1010) or Business Law II (BUSN 2005), or equivalent This course was previously BME-214214 .

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 4040  The Music & Entertainment Industry  (4 Credits)  

In this course, students examine the major principles and concepts associated with music and entertainment industry business policies and the real life implications of developing and applying effective policies to further the business interests. Prerequisites (must complete before registering): This is capstone course and thus any advanced management course(s) are appropriate prerequisites.

BUSN 4123  Senior Project Proposal  (2 Credits)  

The student will prepare a proposal for the senior project and engage in educational planning. The senior project facilitates the integration and reflection of knowledge acquired from university learning which is aimed at creating an original culminating work. Educational planning includes the preparation of a rationale essay articulating how the program of study for the bachelor's degree meets the student's educational and career goals. For the senior project proposal, the student will pose a question to be addressed under the guidance of the ESC mentor. The student and mentor will discuss the focus and design of the research question to be developed. The student will identify the appropriate resources needed to address the question and submit the proposal to the mentor. The thesis, based on the proposal submitted for this study, will be carried out the following semester. Notes: As part of a capstone course, students should enroll in Senior Project Proposal during their final year of study. All lower-level concentration courses should be complete, as well as at least two advanced level concentration courses or their equivalent. This course will be used as part of the Educational Planning credit. This course is offered for our International Education program students.

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 4150  Senior Project Thesis  (3 Credits)  

The student will complete the senior project thesis as planned in the proposal phase of this study. The project provides an opportunity to conduct an in-depth examination of a topic of interest related to the study program that emerged from the student’s earlier course work, and in this regard will complete educational planning by focusing on the mastery of academic skills, college level writing and presentation, and independent research and critical thinking. The student will be expected to produce a major research paper that meets the standards established during the proposal stage and prepare the final drafts of the rationale essay. Note: This course will be used as part of the Educational Planning credit. This course is offered for our International Education program students. Prerequisites: Senior Project Proposal (BUSN 4123).

Attributes: Liberal

BUSN 4998  Individualized Studies in Business (BUSN)  (1-8 Credits)  

Students have the opportunity to develop individualized studies with their mentor in Business (BUSN). Registration for this class must be approved by the student’s mentor.