Grade Change

Sponsor: Office of Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Committee for Academic Policy
Contact: Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
Category: Academic
Number: 100.168
Effective Date: Sept. 1, 2022
Implementation History: New Policy, extracted from Grading and Evaluation Policy
Keywords: Grade Change Policy


The policy provides guidance for faculty and others regarding grade changes, the retroactive assignment of grades and appeal of grades. 

Background Information    

These elements of policy were previously embedded in the Grading and Evaluation Policy for Undergraduate Programs. 


Grades are defined in the college’s Grading and Evaluation Policy for Undergraduate Programs.

Policy Statements       

Retroactive Assignment of Grades

Students matriculated at Empire State University before July 1, 2004, may request the assignment of a letter grade to the relevant narrative evaluations. The university will continue to respond to these student requests. For students who matriculated after that date, there will be no later assignment of letter grades to narrative evaluations.

The instructor who wrote the narrative evaluation should assign the grade. If this instructor is not available, another qualified faculty member may be enlisted to assign the grade.

Assignment of Grades by a Faculty Member Other Than the Instructor of Record

In accordance with SUNY faculty guidelines on grading, another qualified and discipline- specific faculty member may assign a grade when the instructor of record is not available to do so in a reasonable timeframe. The faculty member acting in the place of the instructor should base the grade on review of the student’s work in the course or study in comparison to the learning objectives for the course or study.

Grade Changes

An award of a grade is normally final. However, if the instructor of record for a course makes an error in computing or entering a student’s grade, that instructor may correct the erroneous grade.

Appeal of Grades

If a student feels that a grade was assigned based on impermissible factors, such as bias, discrimination, or retaliation, that student may appeal that grade as provided in the Academic Appeals Policy.

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