RELI: Religion

RELI 2025  Introduction to Religious Studies  (4 Credits)  

Learn about a variety of religious texts and practices from a 'religious studies' perspective. For example, consider ways in which religious behaviors and traditions create a world; examine religious traditions and how they account human experience and how life should be lived; looks at how people go about being 'religious.' This course was previously CUL-222034 Introduction to Religious Studies.

Attributes: Liberal

RELI 3998  Individualized Studies in RELI  (2-8 Credits)  
RELI 4005  Comparative Religious Ethics  (4 Credits)  

In this study, we will examine the core ethical/moral teachings and principles of the following religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The relationship between these traditions and the issues of war and violence will be explored. Methods of ethical reasoning and critical thinking will be applied to the ethical dilemmas that arise across the narrative history of these traditions as students develop a mature understanding in the field of comparative religious ethics.

RELI 4010  Religious Thought in World Perspective  (4 Credits)  

Learn about a variety of religious traditions, customs, scriptures, liturgies in order to better understand how religious thought and practice has shaped the landscape of human culture in various civilizations. This course was previously CUL-224034 Religious Thought in World Perspective

Attributes: Liberal

RELI 4998  Individualized Studies in RELI  (2-8 Credits)